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I am graduating tommorow holy crap! I can't wait to go graduate.… - Live Each Moment [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[May. 26th, 2006|02:31 pm]
I am graduating tommorow holy crap! I can't wait to go graduate. But it's sad. Because I have to move out of my dorm I'm kinda stressed/ sad. I haveto leave one of the best sections of town. I mean the Upper West Side is a great area. I'll be vacating to Elmford, NY to my Aunt's house. Which is a very quiet area. I'm going to miss living in NYC. I will be moving back to the city in a couple months though. When my roomies move up from FL. I'm going to have 2 roomies my friends Angela, and Ed. I can't wait/

I'm excited.

So many of my friends are going back home it's sad. I'm saying goodbye to so many good friends. I'm gonna miss them. But due to lack of people getting apartments and jobs or such they have to leave. I'll keep in touch with them though.

My jaw has been killing me lately damn tmj! Oh and after tommrow no more insurance= no docter. Not paying $300 for the dr. I'll have to deal with my tmj or out of alignment jaw. It sux.

Wow I'm mature. I'm outta school scary.

Well g2g
talk to you guys probably when I'm in FL due to a lack of computer use while I'm in L.A. So I'll tty soon.